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Institutional Adoption of Digital Assets Report 2024

We’ve been working closely with the public sector, to manifest risk controls and legislation to safeguard the interest of all stakeholders. We are collaborating with the banking sector on pilots aimed at demonstrating the positive outcomes that can be derived from the meaningful application of blockchain technology.

Under the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Project Guardian, SBI Digital Markets partnered UBS Asset Management to issue and distribute a tokenised Variable Capital Company (VCC) fund, while SBI DAH collaborated with UBS and DBS to launch the world’s first live repurchase transaction (repo) with a natively-issued digital bond on a public blockchain, automatically and instantly settling a repo, digital bond purchase and redemption using regulated digital payment tokens across regulated entities located in Japan, Singapore and Switzerland.

That’s not all we’re committed to. Empowering the industry with information will also act to address institutional concerns and highlight the potential of the digital assets space. At SBI DAH, we understand the importance of injecting public markets with innovative solutions, and we believe that by consistently challenging ourselves we will develop the capabilities required for scaling success.

We hope that this report sheds some light on institutional trust sentiments and what’s required to take the future of tokenised assets to the next level.