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Subsidiary Brands

SBI DAH endeavours to form one of the world’s largest global corridors for the distribution of digital assets

Through our subsidiaries and joint ventures, we have both the technological expertise to keep pace with the industry’s rapid developments, and the understanding of financial markets to identify their potential.

SBI Security

SBI Security Solutions develops advanced digital services, by utilizing the cutting-edge technology of the SBI Group ecosystem. Together with other companies in the SBI Group, the company is striving to further develop the digital assets sector.

SBI Digital

SBI Digital Markets is a subsidiary of SBI Digital Asset Holdings, a trusted digital solutions provider to institutional clients. We are growing our presence in the region to help shape the digital asset ecosystem and contribute towards making Singapore one of the world’s leading digital asset hubs.

Asia Digital
Exchange Pte Ltd.

Asia Digital Exchange is an equal joint venture with SIX Group, created to become a leading regulated market infrastructure in Asia to offer a fully integrated end to end trading, settlement and custody service for digital assets. It will leverage the extensive networks of SIX Digital Exchange in Switzerland and Europe, and SBI in the Asian Marketplace.


SBI DigiTrust is a joint venture company established between SBI Security Solutions and NEC, striving to develop solutions for financial institutions, etc.


SBI Everspin is a joint venture between SBI DAH and Korean cybersecurity provider Everspin. SBI Everspin offers comprehensive endpoint security solutions, including Eversafe-Web, Eversafe-Mobile, and Fakefinder.

SBI Zodia

SBI Zodia Custody, a joint venture with Zodia Custody, is a full-fledged corporation which operates to provide a tier-1 institutional grade custody solution to Japan and ASEAN institutional investors.


SBI JIG-SAW Modernizations Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between SBI Security Solutions and JIG-SAW INC., developing global data control services (monitoring, operation and control) in the financial industry, as well as AI and IoT services for various other industries.